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Digital Currency ‘Bitakyan’? What is the future of Cashless India?

What is the future of Cashless India? Digital Currency ‘Bitakyan’?

What is the future of cashless India after the ban ?

In India, the ban is being leaked on the e-wallet and cashless economy along with the ban. Ever since the prime minister, the finance minister is now referring to digital India and digital currency. You and we assume that the gesture is on the basis of transactions without the use of credit, debit and e-wallet. But is this a digital currency? No. Know what is Bitcoin and what its advantages and disadvantages …

What is digital currency?

Digital currency is a virtual currency running on the Internet. This virtual currency on the Internet was started in January 2009 in the name of Bitakoyan. Anyone in the world can be paid by using this virtual currency and most importantly, there is no need to make any bank a medium for this payment.

How does digital currency work?

Bitcoin is based on peer to peer technology. This means that the transaction can be done between two computers with the help of bitokean. There is no need for a Guardian or Centrale Bank for this transaction. Bitcoin is an open source currency where anyone can keep its control from its design to control. Anyone can do the transaction through this because it does not require any kind of registration or ID. Through this medium, there is a lot of transaction in nature that does not present any banking transaction in the present time.

Who started the bitcoin?

Bitakoyan started in January 2009 by an unknown person. This person called his surname Santoshi Nakamoto and did not give any information about himself. Even though this unknown person left the Bitcode Project in 2010, Bitakayan increased his business several times. At present, because Bitcoin’s technology is completely open source, any code can make any changes.

What are the important features of Bitakooyan?

Bitcoin can easily be transacted between two people on the Internet. It is not necessary for the people involved in this transaction to have a Jinnah identity. Nor does it require government, bank or any agency to complete this transaction. Once the transaction is done through a bitcoin, it can not be canceled. This transaction can be executed in a few seconds and as soon as the transaction happens, Bitcoin is available for immediate transmission of other transactions.

Trade in the Currency market is Bitakoyan

After the launch of Bitakoyan in 2009, there has been a steady increase in popularity. However, the central bank of any country has not given the recognition of currency to Bitcoin. But some multinational companies, such as Dell and IBM, allow purchase on their networks via bitcoin. There is a Bitcoin trade in London’s Global Forex Market, but trading is only virtual. On the basis of this trading, the price is fixed relative to all the currencies present in BTCON’s International Currency Basket. The price of a bitcoin in the forex market is more than $ 700, compared to the US dollar.

Why banquoise became popular with notebook

Prior to the ban, Bitakoyan (Unokoyan) associated with Indian rupee in the global market was just around US $ 20. But after the ban on November, the demand for Bitcoin from the Indian market has steadily increased, due to which Bitakayana is currently trading at US $ 70-100 relative to Indian Rupee. According to forex market experts, this boom in the price of bktoyan related to Indian rupee can be due to the efforts made to convert Indian rupee into bitokan after the ban on bondage.

What is the danger in the Bitakayana?

Bitcoin is still used by Guinea-based companies. Until the number of people who use it to populate, it can not be considered safe for the common man. Due to being a new medium for global transaction, its future can not be estimated. At the same time, in the use of bitokoya for the last 6-7 years, it has also been found that this is also the preferred medium for international drug mafia and terrorist organizations.




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